Marketing Masterclass

Sales and Marketing Masterclass

3 Modules 3 Lessons

About this course

This Sales and Marketing Masterclass is designed to help understand the difference between sales and marketing. By taking you through the Marketing Bow Tie, you learn how to define the market you operate in and segment the market into your niche market.

By conducting a competitive analysis, we then take you to the right hand side of the Marketing Bow Tie where you are introduced to the Value Proposition that sets you apart from your competitors.
From there you learn the key to content marketing and writing effective sales and marketing copy.

Finally we move into the center of the Marketing Bow Tie where we look at your brand. You come away with a stronger understanding of marketing and how this influences the ability to attract new customers into the top of your sales funnel.

Course Structure


Mastering the Left-Hand Side of the Marketing Bow Tie

We start on the left-hand side of the Marketing Bow Tie where you choose the right customers to do business with. In this session, you learn the importance of defining your niche and identifying your ideal customers. You also learn how to run a focus group to uncover your buyer personas. It's vital that you conduct a competitive analysis to form the basis of your value proposition before moving to the right-hand side of the Marketing Bow Tie.


Mastering the Right-Hand Side of the Marketing Bow Tie

In this session, we introduce the concept of Buyer Behavior and Buyer Motivation. You learn that what you sell are solutions to your customer's problems and opportunities. You are introduced to the AIDA principle which forms the basis of all advertising copy and content marketing. You learn how to write a headline, create interest and desire capped off with a call to action. All paving the way to attracting new leads to the top of your sales funnel. 


Branding Pricing and Social Media

Your brand sits in the middle of the Marketing Bow Tie. How you position your brand will be determined by your pricing strategy which then determines your value proposition. You will come away with a brand personality worksheet. We also give you an overview of social media marketing where you come away with a social media policy template and social media guidelines.