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Selling Your Professional Services - Sales for Non Sales People

12 Modules 13 Lessons

About this course

Selling Your Professional Services is what will keep you in business even if you are not the designated salesperson. In this training program, we turn sales on its head and teach you “How to Help People Buy From You” instead.

This comprehensive training program will teach you about buyer motivation, the buying and selling cycle, how to handle objections, write winning and proposals, present them with confidence – and much much more.  

Course Structure

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Module 1: You and Selling:

The one thing that holds people back from successfully selling their services is their attitude. 

This module looks at what selling means to you and how the attitude cycle affects your results. We dive deeper into buyer motivation and the circle of trust and how these concepts form the foundation of the buying and selling cycle. These are the key themes that run throughout the training and critical concepts to master. Mastering the concept of buyer motivation will give you insights as to WHY potential customers should buy from you and not your competitors.

Introduction and Study Guide

Welcome to Selling Your Services, sales training for Non-Salespeople! 

Before starting the modules, there are two documents you need to download. One is your study guide and the other is the course workbook. These documents are designed to guide you through the program in a logical manner. It is recommended that you follow the study guide to avoid overwhelm. At any stage you have questions or concerns, email and I will come back to you within 24 hours or earlier depending on time zones.

Good luck - I wish you every success.



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Module 2: The Buying Cycle

Understanding Buyer Behavior and Buyer Motivation.

There is a particular process a buyer goes through on their journey to purchase, and that is the buying cycle. This concept sets the scene to put yourself in the buyer's shoes and think like them, not as a seller.

This module goes through the Buying Cycle’s six steps and teaches you how potential customers make buying decisions. When you understand why people make the buying decisions they do, it will inform your entire sales and marketing approach leading to more success.

The Buying Cycle

In this lesson, you will learn to understand buyer motivation - the basis of all successful sales. We go through all the elements of the buying cycle.

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Module 3: Communication Part A

Communication is a powerful tool in helping people buy from you. It really is the secret weapon to closing more sales more often.

In this module, you will learn all the basics of effective communication, the cornerstone of everything that drives the buying process and the sales process. 

Poor communication and failure to establish rapport are major reasons why potential customers don't buy from you. You will learn the essential elements involved in the sales process covering listening skills, questioning techniques, eye patterns, and dives deeper into two-way communication and communication preferences.

SYS Module 3: Communication Part A

Effective communication is your secret weapon to landing clients and getting results. 

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Module 4: Communication Part B

When you learn advanced communication skills, your potential customers won't wait to work with you; they will want to do business with you now. That's because people buy from people, not companies. People don't buy from people they don't trust. 


When you tap into advanced communication techniques, it makes building trust and rapport so much easier.  If you can’t establish trust and rapport, your chances of closing a sale will drop to near zero. In this module, you will learn more about personality and social styles and leverage these techniques to establish rapport and manage the entire sales process.

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Module 5: The Selling Cycle

The Selling Cycle is where the Buying Cycle and Selling Cycle come together. It's where the magic of matching buying behavior happens. 


When you put these two concepts together, you get the Bi-Sell-Cycle™ which is where you begin to master the entire sales process. When you match buying behavior with the buying cycle, you begin to control the buying process, which delivers better results. This is a powerful process; when followed properly, you will dramatically reduce objections and close more sales.

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Module 6: Handling Objections

Untrained salespeople will discount their price to get the sale. A trained salesperson will hold their price because they understand the value triangle. People don't buy on price alone; they buy on value.

The path of least resistance is to lower your price, which is simply an attack on your bottom line. This module will help you hold your price and offer value instead. At the end of this module, you will come away with an elevator speech and your unique selling proposition to elevate you as the preferred service provider in your industry.

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Module 7: The Value Proposition

What makes the difference between choosing one service provider over another. It's usually the one the buyer trusts the most and the one who provides the most value.

A Value Proposition is the WOW factor that makes potential clients want to do business with you and not your competition.

In this module, you will learn what a value proposition is, create your own powerful and compelling value proposition and develop an elevator pitch to answer the question. "What do you do?" opens up the conversation for potential clients to want to know more.

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Module 8: Networking

Networking is the art of connecting with others. It's also the cheapest way of bringing new leads to the top of the sales funnel.


In this module, we cover the difference between sales and marketing. You will be introduced to the concept of the sales funnel. Keeping the top of your sales funnel is critical to success as you will lose customers due to natural attrition. Networking, when done well, is a long-term strategy that will grow your business organically.

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Module 9: Meeting the Client

Landing the client as a paying customer and getting results happens during this critical phase of the entire sales and marketing process. How you handle the meeting will make or break the sale.

This module provides you with a tested model for introducing yourself, establishing rapport and credibility. It provides you with a process to follow that keeps you moving forward in the buying and selling cycle. When you follow this process, you will find that you get better results. The goal is to either close the sale, come away with an opportunity to present a proposal and an appointment to meet again to further the relationship.

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Module 10: Writing Winning Proposals

In many cases, potential clients need you to submit a quote, a proposal, or something else again. What's critically important is understanding that sometimes a proposal needs to be sent to other decision-makers. How you structure your proposals can make or break your success without other decision-makers going straight to the pricing page. Not only do you learn how to write winning proposals, but you also come away with tips on how to present proposals with impact.
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Module 11: Prospecting

If you can't get prospects to the top of your sales funnel, you have a marketing problem. If you can't convert prospects into paying customers, you have a sales problem. This module focuses on some basic prospecting techniques to drive leads to the top of your sales funnel. You can waste a lot of time, effort, and money on marketing that doesn't work. The most important thing here is to attract qualified leads who are in the market to buy now or in the near future. 
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Module 12: Handling Incoming Inquiries

When your promotional and marketing activities are working well, you will get inquiries from potential customers. How you handle these inquiries will make or break the sale. In this module we go through the differences of handling incoming inquiries on the phone or via email. We give you a process to follow that will exponentially increase your ability to turn these inquiries into paying customers.