Revealed: the 4 Ways that will inject Extra Cash into your Business and Grow Your Profits

Carolyn Landesman MBA

CVO, Strategez for Success

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  • Learn what these Mistakes Cost You and How to Avoid These Pitfalls.
  • Why Cash Flow is critical to Surviving In Business - and how to Inject Extra Cash into your Business and Grow your Sales.
  • Learn the only 4 Ways You Can Grow a Business  and make it more Profitable.
  • Why Sales and Marketing Skills are Non-Negotiable if you want to Grow Your Business. 
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80% of business owners do little more than survive.  Many work long hours and earn less than a paid job. They can't take vacations, they don't get sick leave and have little hope of a funded retirement. They start out in the dream phase, then the nightmare phase sets in.  It's not until they have a breakthrough in their sales and marketing strategies that they begin to grow their business and make it profitable. 

Then it's time to scale.

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About Your Host

Carolyn Landesman MBA

CVO and Founder, Strategez for Success

Carolyn holds a Masters in Business Administration (MBA) is an experienced Business Coach, and Facilitator. She's a qualified Sales Trainer, NLP Practitioner and Beyond Success Coach. With a background in both Small Business and former Senior Executive in the corporate world, she brings over 25 years experience to help small business owners Grow and Scale a Profitable Business

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