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Here’s what you’ll Take-Away in the 3-Day Challenge

Sales and marketing are like two sides of a coin - one cannot function properly without the other. If you can't get leads into the top of your sales funnel you have a marketing problem. If you can't convert qualified leads into paying customers you have a sales problem. If you can't do either well, you have a cash flow problem. This three day business challenge teaches you how to attract new leads into the top of your sales funnel and generate the cash flow you need to stay in business!


We dive deeper into the Marketing Bow Tie to define your niche market and identify who your ideal customers are.

You come away with a comprehensive marketing toolkit to create buyer avatars. We go through how to conduct a competitor analysis and how to run a focus group. You will know exactly what to do before spending a penny on promotions and advertising.

You also receive resources to help you conduct a competitive analysis and set you up for future success.


On day 2 we go into buyer motivation and buyer behavior which forms the foundation of all your marketing campaigns. 

You learn how to construct an advertisement that works using a very simple formula works. This also works for content marketing and blog posts as well as your website copy. we give you downloadable resources to write better sales copy.

When you get this right you begin to attract better qualified leads to the top of your sales funnel. 


This the day everything pulls together as we move to the center of the Marketing Bow Tie. We give you a formula on how to build your brand.

You come away with a comprehensive brand building toolkit to strengthen your brand to build brand equity.

We touch on pricing strategy and go into social media networking.

You come away with a social media strategy building toolkit and social media flow chart to ensure you don't have a social media disaster.

Why You Should Enroll Now

80% of business owners do little more than survive.  Many work long hours and earn less than a paid job. They can't take vacations, they don't get sick leave and have little hope of a funded retirement. They start out in the dream phase, then the nightmare phase sets in.  It's not until they have a breakthrough in their sales and marketing strategies that they begin to grow their business and make it profitable. Then it's time to scale.

This masterclass takes you through the marketing strategies you need to bring new leads to the top of your sales funnel. Take advantage of the incredible resources available to you to ramp up your sales and marketing efforts.

Receive These Amazing Toolkits and Cheat Sheets

Inside the masterclass you get to download these amazing resources. A comprehensive Marketing Toolkit to create Buyer Avatars and more. Your Branding Toolkit will help you learn how to develop your brand. A very comprehensive Social Media Guidelines and Posting Flow Chart. Plus other helpful Templates including a comprehensive Competitive Analysis Worksheet. These resources are easy to follow and will help take your marketing strategy to a new level. Never waste money on marketing campaigns that don't work ever again!

Your Trainer
Carolyn Landesman MBA

Carolyn is an experienced business coach, performance coach and trainer. With her background in small business ownership and former executive running multi-million dollar business, she brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to growing a profitable business.

With years of facilitation under her belt as a Dale Carnegie Trainer, Sales Trainer, Beyond Success Coach and NLP practitioner, she understands adult learning. Her training style is informative and easy to understand providing you with exceptional resources to grow yourself and your business.

Carolyn Landesman

CVO and Founder

Here’s What People are Saying About the Masterclass

Brett W.

Business Consultant

Great Resources

"I was a bit skeptical at first. Having sat through all the masterclasses I'm glad I did.  After each masterclass you come away with fantastic resources to ensure you never waste money on marketing campaigns that don't work."

Judy E 

Beauty and Ewe

The Resources helped me understand the concepts in more depth

"I loved the resources I received after each business challenge. They helped me review what was covered in the masterclass so I was able to understand the concepts in more depth. The best value for money I've ever invested in some kind of training."

Shresht Shetty

Digital Marketing Specialist

Turns complex concepts into something easy to grasp

Having gone through Carolyn's masterclasses, I love the way she turns complex messaging into something that's easy to follow and easy to understand. She provides incredible value - her resources are amazing.

Get Access to The Marketing Masterclass

3 Day Business Challenge Now

Only $93 Today

Normally $293

That's only $31 for each daily challenge!

Why Learn Marketing Basics?

Most business owners can't afford a marketing expert that can deliver, and the one they can afford, can't deliver! Even if you outsource parts of your marketing, you need to understand your target market, who your ideal customers are, how to build your brand and promote yourself in marketing channels that give you the best ROI.